The Advisory Council will act as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and Management of the CBD Sydney Business Chamber on policy issues, matters relating to membership and matters relating to the promotion and development of the CBD Sydney Business Chamber

Janine Lay-Flurrie came to Australia is 2001, coming from a technology background working within the leading eCommerce space in London.

In 2005 she had her daughter and realised that Australia was falling behind with flexible work options and business was losing out on top female resource. In 2012, Janine started 100 Mums to try and solve the puzzle of bringing together highly skilled women with companies that desperately require their expertise. They now have a resource pool of over 5000 highly talented women available to companies to work on a part time or flexible full time basis. So far 100Mums has worked across infrastructure, defence, manufacturing, banking and even assisted smaller agile companies, proving no matter what your industry there are skilled women out there you just need the right approach to attract them!

Goals for the chamber

My mission is to work with the Sydney CBD Chamber of Commerce to provide a support network to women in the CBD. Through the joint brand of CBD Women in Business I intend to help shape and mould events to ensure that professional and business women can get access to events that will help them overcome their challenges and network with like-minded women. By being on the board I hope to access the support and knowledge of the other board members and also provide my input on a wider scale when necessary.

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