Co-Founder and Managing Director of Interesting pty ltd, an independent technology and experience design studio with the big brand, start-up and creative agency partnership expertise.

With his extensive development background, Tristan O’Shannassy (BIT, ANU) has been a technical lead on projects that have most developers running for cover. A true digital heavyweight, his honest and calm, no-nonsense approach to project planning, requirements and delivery ensures he always gets results. Tristan has helped organisations such as the Australian Tax Office and Australian Trade Commission to successfully re-platform and re–launch a range of digital offerings.

He was the technical project lead for Real Insurance - helping them re-imagine their technical architecture and create a new online insurance quote solution from the ground up. The solution took Real Insurance from being a new player in the Australian market to one of the top national insurance providers.

Goals for the chamber

Sydney Business Chamber and NSW Business Chamber both have a focus enterprise and large business sector, while NSW Business Chamber represents small to medium businesses this does not come across as their primary focus.

I would like to see CBD Sydney Business Chamber become a both a networking hub and advocate for small to medium businesses in the Sydney CBD, The Rocks and Barangaroo.

Furthermore, I would like to see the CBD Sydney Business Chamber, in consultation with members, establish some core principles. These principles can then be used as a reference point when advocating on policies or formulating plans for future.

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