After 5 Networking

Held monthly and feature a brief keynote speaker around a key topic that has currency within the business community and a structured networking programme designed to help people expand their existing connections in a comfortable environment. 

Each is available for Members to host and sponsor to increase their visibility and awareness. 

People smiling at camera - After 5 NetworkingPeople talking in a grouppeople talking in pairs with opera house in background

CBD Women in Business Network

This group is focused on bringing together women in business through a range of informal learning and networking events. The group comprises business owners, senior women in business, leaders and aspiring leaders who want to learn, share and grow both personally and professionally. 

CBD Women in Business Network - Four Women smilingCBD Women In Business Network - Person addressing seated guestsCBD Roundtable Series - Group smiling in front of camera

CBD Roundtable Series

Members-only environment that provides a forum for collaboration. Currently there are specialist groups including Professional & Financial Services, Property & Real Estate Services, Family, Care & Transition and IT & Tech Services. Collaboration around learning and business opportunity are the focus. 

CBD Roundtable Series - two people talkingCBD Roundtable Series - Person addressing seated guestsCBD Roundtable Series - Person smiling at seated guests

CBD Expo

This event is held annually to showcase CBD business and businesspeople and their value-adding capabilities, foster opportunity for collaboration and create new connections. If you are in business and ambitious to explore opportunities for growth by leveraging and growing your network - this is a perfect opportunity. 

CBD Expo - People in an exhibition hallCBD Expo - People standing in exhibition booth handing out pamphletesCBD Expo - Person speaking to audience